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Time to Act – The Enemy Snuck In While We Were Sleeping

Even though my father wanted me to take over his excavating business, he blessed me when I answered the call to preach in 1976 and was invited to pastor my first church. The strongest word of warning he gave me was: Never talk about politics. I tried to heed his warning until I realized how rapidly worldly government was leading our society to hell in a hand basket, because Believers were not involved.

A retired preacher friend of mine confessed to a prayer group he had never voted. He was taught choosing the Kingdom of God meant rejecting the kingdoms of this world. After sharing my understanding that being part of the Kingdom of God includes advancing God’s Kingdom everywhere we possibly can, including family, church, government, education, business, etc., my friend then registered to vote and faithfully exercised his Kingdom of God values by voting in every election. God changed the title of this book to Time to Act: The Enemy Snuck in While We Were Sleeping after the first cover was designed. This is God’s warning call! It is time for God’s people to wake up and enforce biblical values by voting and making a greater impact on society. Jesus still calls Believers to be the salt of the earth!

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Breaking Patterns of Perversity: Freedom from Iniquity

Breaking Patterns of Perversity ~ Freedom from Iniquities helps counselors, ministers and individuals understand forces lurking beneath the surface of individuals. Until these forces are addressed, counseling and ministry fall woefully short. When iniquities are overlooked, treatment programs cannot be as effective as hoped for. Unless iniquitous patterns are tackled; those receiving ministry will be not achieve desired ends. Spiritual, emotional, and relational growth are stunted until iniquities are properly attended.

Unless iniquities are addressed, people remain in bondage, four or more generations deep. Counselors and ministers are increasingly effective when they understand and address iniquity. Anyone seeking personal freedom will benefit from learning how iniquities work and what the Bible says about breaking free. The first goal of this book is helping individuals break free from iniquitous patterns of perversion. The second goal is equipping counselors, ministers, families, and friends in helping others overcome personal and ancestral patterns of iniquity.

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KINGDOM ABUNDANCE: Unlocking Heavens Mindset on Finances

Major points include:

  • How to avoid the “I wills” of Lucifer that ruined him when he tried to self-promote by “Doing it my way.”
  • Breaking the curse of negligence and discovering abundant life and destiny through diligence.
  • Learning how personal sovereignty can be a blessing when one recognizes the centrality of kingdoms and chooses “this day to follow the Lord.”
  • How to help children come into the fulness of Kingdom Abundance at an early age.
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Light in the Darkness: Nuggets of Wisdom Spoken Amidst Trying Times

Doug’s newest work, Light in the Darkness which is a compilation of his wonderful “daily thoughts” he began to write back in March at the beginning of this pandemic, we still seem to be in the midst of. I wanted to share some thoughts that came to me regarding the front cover of this new book. Initially the book was called something else and I knew we would have issues getting it up on Amazon because of the title, so I prayerfully considered what to do. Then, seemingly out of the blue, the title Light in the Darkness came to me and within a short time I found the stock photo I sensed we should use. I don’t always know why I choose a certain photo apart from a tug in my spirit; this time I was simply attracted to the blue color and the stars. However, this morning as I began to direct my attention to the Lord, the Holy Spirit reminded me of the photo and I saw in my mind’s eye the ribbons of stars and the man, holding the flashlight—I knew the Lord had something to show me.

Here’s a summary of what I sensed:
The Light that this world so desperately needs, we know is Jesus Himself (Jesus said, “I am the Light of the world” John 8:12), but that Light is brought to the world and those around us by various means—the cover photo depicts three of them.
It prophetically reminds us that the Light illumines darkness directly through the Holy Spirit, which is depicted by the stars—something we have no control over or input to, but is ALL God’s domain—ALL God’s sovereign doing.

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Holidays to Shape Your Life and Transform Your Future

God wants to use Holidays to Shape Your Life and Transform Your Future! Unfortunately for many, holidays lead to frustration because they totally miss God’s original intent. Holidays in the church, if observed, are often more worldly than spiritual. Form has replaced function; what God intended to be a means of grace has become routine and even burdensome to many.God put it on my heart to write a book on holidays, including “Christian” holidays like Christmas and Easter, and “secular” holidays like Father’s and Mother’s Day, New Year’s, etc. As a preacher of over forty years I struggled to find something “pleasing” to feed the flock as we observe the same holidays year after year. The old sermons will not cut it, and new ones are hard to develop . . . until we look to the Lord and discover His original mandate for each holiday. God wants to open a great treasury of overlooked events in our calendars. These events are life-changing and empowering, IF and when they are understood from God’s Word and plan for mankind. My spirit knows this book will blow the trumpet over the church, calling it back to essential doctrines, in order to release Believers into full Kingdom mandate.

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Ancient Keys: Special Names of Jehovah

What’s in a name? According to God, a lot! So much, in fact, He saw fit to change the name of a number of people in the Bible when He touched and re-arranged their identity and the trajectory of their life. Abram became Abraham and Sarai became Sarah, after Abraham entered into covenant with the Lord. In the New Testament, Saul was a notorious persecutor of Christians, murdering them without restraint, until he met Jesus on the Road to Damascus amidst a blinding light. From that point on, Saul became Paul and his life and identity were forever changed. Through the pages of the Bible, Jehovah reveals His character through many different names, eight of which are presented and studied in this simple, yet impactful book. Get to know Who your Creator God truly is, through reading Ancient Keys ~ Special Names of Jehovah and discover the truth that brings lasting peace: Jehovah is everything and ALL you will ever need for this life.

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Kingdom Perspective: Divine Healing, connects and explains two vital parts of Jesus’ personal ministry, which He commissioned the church to carry on until He returns. Jesus did not preach or teach the church! His emphasis was on the Kingdom of God. He told us to “Seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness.” All the miracles He did were signs of the Kingdom of God. He told the Pharisees that if He cast out demons by the finger of God, the Kingdom was upon them. After Jesus ascended into heaven, His disciples continued preaching and teaching the Kingdom. They advanced the spread of the Kingdom through miracles of healing and deliverance. It is time for Christians to return to a Kingdom Perspective and practice divine healing.

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Breaking the Octopus Grip of Addiction

Addiction, like chronic heavy drinking, which is a prevalent cause of alcohol poisoning, is multifaceted, and each element must be handled. Breaking the Octopus Grip of Addiction came through the revelation of an octopus. The head represents the spirit of bondage, and the tentacles represent rejection, iniquity, rebellion, python, fragmentation, trauma, and imprinting. This book equips addicts and their mentors to address a plethora of issues leading to the truth that will set them free. To see more, click here.

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Holy Spirit as Counselor: Partnering with God in Healing

In John chapter four, Jesus had an unlikely encounter with a Samaritan woman at a watering hole. She had a sullied and painful past, and after five failed marriages, was living with a man. In shame, she drew water when others would not be there. Then, one day she met Jesus who talked with her, not at her. Within minutes, Jesus broke through her reproach, not by avoiding it, but by helping her work through it! His love transformed her into an evangelist who impacted her community with the Gospel! Jesus was like that with whomever He met. He healed broken hearts and set the captives free. We are called to do the same.

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Busting Through to Greater Freedom: Dethroning a False Trinity

There are times when people hit invisible walls and need help from the Lord and His servants to penetrate those walls, and press into victory. Busting Through to Greater Freedom is written to help people learn from the example of Israel as she had to war against Canaanite Tribes, so she could press into her land of destiny according to God’s Promise. Eight of those tribes are examined so their current curses and demonic assignments may be broken. Finally, the reader is prepared to confront and break assignments from a counterfeit trinity, consisting of Baal, the Queen of Heaven, and Leviathan.

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Choosing Kingdom

Choosing Kingdom is not a once for all decision. Merely praying a little prayer to receive Jesus is only the beginning, never the end of Kingdom Life. Jesus set the prototype for those who will seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. Lucifer set the prototype for those who seek the kingdom of self. Jesus gave the example of “Not my will but thine be done.” Lucifer models a lifestyle of “I will, I will, I will.” Every day, in every choice we make, we choose kingdom! Choosing Kingdom explains this in a way that will help the readers choose first the Kingdom of God, and if they do, all things will be added unto them.

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From Woe is Me

Check out Doug’s new curse-breaking, blessing-invoking book.

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Kingdom Thoughts 201 (Volume 2)

John the Baptist proclaimed “the Kingdom of God is near.” He preached repentance to prepare the way for the King and his Kingdom. The Gospels share what Jesus began to do and teach. He demonstrated the nearness of the Kingdom until the day He ascended into heaven. The first apostles walked and ministered in the power and authority of the Kingdom of God. Paul, as one untimely born, carried the message of the Kingdom to the Gentile World. Hundreds and thousands were added to the Church. The blind saw, the lame walked, the dead were raised, and the Kingdom advanced. Jesus never told us to seek first the Church, in fact He seldom mentioned the Church. Instead He continually preached the Kingdom.

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Kingdom Thoughts 101: Build the Church ~ Unlock the Kingdom

Kingdom Thoughts 101 reveal one man’s journey from Church living to Kingdom Life.

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Let’s Get Real: Stepping Into God’s Reality

The Creator’s greatest concern for you regards your innermost being, the place where the real you resides. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.5 He wants your heart to be transparent before him. You are wonderfully made. Your brain does more work than the greatest computer ever made. For the most part the animal kingdom acts by conditioned response. You, however, are created to make choices. You are a soul (mind-will-emotions), body, and spirit, all created unique by God. It is easy to be dissatisfied with the way God made you, especially since sin has tainted the creation. It is a mistake, though, not to surrender to becoming all God created you to be. This book will guide you to becoming all that your Father, Creator God intended for you to be!

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God’s Say So versus Man’s Know so

“Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.” Isaiah 5:20 NIV Isaiah’s words predict woe for our society! From the White House to the house next door, people call evil good. They press to legalize what God calls evil and make scapegoats of those who promote what God calls good. Ask yourself: are today’s moral standards higher or lower than they were even a few years ago? Our culture has higher standards of living, increased government mandates for education, and growth of technology, government assistance, and the like; yet decent morality and respect for others are on a sharp decline. Society is spiritually anemic because churches are weak. Churches are weak because families are weak. Families are weak because husbands, wives, fathers and mothers live according to what they think rather than on what God says.

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Getting to the Dirty Rotten Inner Core

It is disappointing to observe those who received powerful ministry from the Lord, but are sucked back into old patterns of behavior as their minds return to captivity. An old proverb says: “a pig will return to its wallow” (2 Peter 2:22), but people aren’t pigs! Still, demons are like pigs that seek rest in whatever yucky stuff people hang onto. Some people fall back into damaging behaviors. Demons, seeing that the house is swept clean, come back and bring others with them. I understand why some pastors have given up on deliverance ministry because of what happens to those who don’t continue the fight once they receive deliverance ministry. As I will explain within the pages of this book; deep healing and deliverance may take us to the core of our demonization and pain. But once we get to the inner core, we need to deal with iniquities and faults that reside there the way the Bible tells us to. We can minister healing to inner wounds and cast out demons, but the Bible way of dealing with iniquities and faults is true confession and the corresponding prayers of the righteous for healing. This book is the product of my own personal study of how we can deal with specific “rotten inner cores” through confession and prayer and actually be healed of root problems deep within.

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Schematics: God’s Blueprint versus Satan’s Programming

This book is written to help people determine and come into agreement with the Lord’s blueprint for their lives and to help them be aware of the devil’s schemes to knock them off course. This book will assist the reader overcome Satan’s programming to hinder or block their prophetic destiny.

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Beat Me Up Spirits

Every day, people get beat up by demons every day! But they don’t have to! In this short but powerful book, you can learn and understand the strategies of how Beat Me Up Spirits kill, steal and destroy. Discover how these Beat Me Up Spirits begin to operate even from conception in the womb all the way through childhood into adulthood. Through the use of condemning words, bitterness, vows, oaths, self-talk and the ungodly actions of others; blow by blow these demons knock us off balance leaving many people wondering why they can’t seem to get their lives together as adults. Don’t let these spirits give you the one, two, three knock-out punch. Find out how to not only avoid their swings in the future, but how to receive healing from every blow and be the victor and not the victim!

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Free Indeed

Free Indeed! is designed to set captives free and to equip those walking in freedom to set others free. It builds a basic foundation of deliverance ministry and a framework to minister deliverance personally and for others.

Dr. Carr was first exposed to deliverance ministry by his own personal need. Always a God-seeker, he was bound by a form of religion that denied the power of God.

In 1987, Dr. Douglas Carr was stunned as his marriage of eighteen years and ministry of fifteen years came to a crashing halt. Confused, embarrassed and ill-equipped for life, let alone being a single parent of three children, he found that all his theological training and experience left him ill-equipped to handle the demons he had never admitted surrounded his life.

Desperation put him in a quest to find answers to the questions that his Evangelical training didn’t even ask. Everything looked hopeless, but God was in control the entire time. He led Douglas through a course of study on deliverance and deep healing which brought wholeness to him that he wants others to enjoy.

Trial and error produced some results, but an increasing sense that there had to be more led him on a forty-day fast. This fast connected him with his destiny to teach and minister deep healing and deliverance to others.

Since completing his Masters and Doctorate in Deliverance and Intercession Doug has ministered to hundreds through seminars and private deep healing appointments.

Free Indeed! is the product of the lessons learned through the journey from brokenness to wholeness. Doug’s heart and desire is that this book will help others receive and minister the same freedom that he has found.

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Free Indeed from Root Spirits

Root spirits are the sixteen foundational strongman demons that the Bible specially calls “Spirit of ________.” Free Indeed from Root Spirits identifies each root spirit. A check list of symptoms, along with their definitions is given for each root spirit. Prayers of release follow each list of symptoms to address both the root spirit and the grouping of demons associated with each root spirit. The specific root spirits addressed include: Antichrist, Deaf and Dumb, Death, Divination, Error, Familiar, Fear, Heaviness, Infirmity, Jealousy, Lying, Perversity, Pride, Stupor, and Whoredom or Harlotry. Free Indeed from Root Spirits is the first book Dr. Douglas Carr has written specifically to facilitate self-deliverance as well as ministering deliverance to others. Written for professional deliverance ministers as well as the novice, Free Indeed from Root Spirits is a resource that you will turn to again and again as a thorough and easy-to-use reference tool for the ministry of deliverance.

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Building on a Sure Foundation After Deliverance (Ephesians for Deliverance Ministry) (Volume 1)

There are twelve specific blessings which provide a sure foundation for those who go through deliverance. Understanding these blessings: where to find them, how to access and apply them personally, and how to help others do the same will help the reader access and build on a sure foundation of blessings, based on the Word of God. Building on a Sure Foundation After Deliverance is designed as a resource for every person who ministers or receives deliverance. It provides helpful steps to apply biblical promises to assure victory and growth These blessings are the promise of God, already available in Christ Jesus in the heavenly realms.

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Defining Moments: My Journey Toward the Kingdom

The tale of one man’s journey toward the Kingdom of God, Defining Moments reveals how God’s unseen hand works behind the scenes of our lives to mold us into all we can possibly be.

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Of God, Gifts, and Men: V1 Motivational Charismata Gifts (Volume 1)

Motivational Charismata Gifts is the first volume in the Book series: Of God, Gifts, and Men. Readers will be able to identify their particular motivational gift which will allow them to operate with maximum effectiveness and minimum weariness as they serve Jesus and others. This Volume provides an understanding the seven charismata motivational gifts explained in First Corinthians 12:1-6 and Romans 12:6-16. It also gives an overview of First Corinthians chapters seven-sixteen with special emphasis on what sets a truly spiritual person apart from the crowd as they minister through spiritual gifts

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Of God, Gifts and Men, Volume 2: Holy Spirit Manifestations

The Great Awakening is coming soon.  Signs, wonders and miracles will awaken the world as  they flow through clergy and congregants  and from sanctuaries into the streets. It is time for every Believer to be empowered to do the works of Jesus! This new book by Dr. Douglas E. Carr is available now on Amazon and will be available from Doug on or before May 29.



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Of God, Gifts and Men Volume 3: Ascension Gifts

One can easily mourn the current condition of the institution the world calls “the church.” We live in a season of great division, and as Abraham Lincoln quoted from the teaching of Jesus, “a house divided against itself cannot stand.” Sin abounds in the church! Jesus came to save and transform addicts, fornicators, and murderers. He came to set captives free, not to make them comfortable continuing within the bonds of their captivity. The New Testament abounds with thoughts of Jesus coming back for a bride (His Church) who is radiant, without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish but holy and blameless. If Jesus were to return today, He might find a remnant like that, but I wonder how many church-going people might be left behind because they have not been prepared by apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers to be built up in unity of faith until we all reach the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ. I am excited as I write this book. The Lord has shown me three major truths of the Coming Great Awakening which He calls His Church to. First is the unfulfilled mandate given to humans when Adam and Eve were told to exercise dominion over the earth. Second is restoration of that mandate through the Great Commission. Third is God’s equipping through the ascension gifts outlined in Ephesians Chapter Four. If and when Believers put these three truths together in action, the Great Awakening will be upon us and God’s mandate to mankind will finally be fulfilled as the children of God manifest.

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