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Can Christians have demons?

Someone asked Charles Kraft that question and he answered “Why would they want one?”  Christians can and often do have demons.  I only minister deliverance to Christians because deliverance is “the children’s bread.”

People have difficulty understanding how a Christian who has the Holy Spirit in them can also have a demon.  The phrase “demon-possessed” makes it even harder to understand.  A Christian cannot be possessed by a demon in their spirit.  But demons can attack or attach to a Christians soul including the way they think, the way they feel, the way they choose and even the way they remember things. In this website you will learn more a lot here.

Many Christians have demons attacking their bodies.  1/3 of all the healing in the New Testament include deliverance and I estimate that over 1/3 of the physical and emotional healing we see include deliverance.

Can Christians be cursed?

The devil wants Believers to think curses are broken automatically because Jesus became a curse for them on the tree, but every Christian is responsible to apply what Jesus did by faith.  God isn’t willing that anyone perish, but many do perish because they don’t apply the Gospel message by receiving Jesus as Lord.  God doesn’t want people to live under a curse, but many do because they fail to apply what Jesus did to break every curse off their life.

People often quote “there is no curse without a cause.”  That is true, but causes are not always personal.  Many are under a curse because of things their ancestors did.  Vows and oaths that ancestors made affect the descendants until they are confessed, renounced and broken.  The curse of illegitimacy flows down ten generations of those who conceived out of wedlock.  We see many in our society finding great transformation in their lives when they deal with such curses.

I recently wrote From Woe is Me to Wow is He!  This book helps people understand how Jesus shed His blood in seven specific places so we can break seven specific curses and claim seven specific blessings Jesus redeemed for us.  Our job is to apply what Jesus did and walk in the freedom He purchased for us.

Why do you charge for your ministry?

Usually when I’m asked this question people quote “freely you have received so freely give.”  First of all, I don’t really charge for my ministry, for spiritual ministry is the work of Holy Spirit through a person.  I do charge for my time and for the expense of preparing for ministry.

I can’t imagine very many people dedicating several 2 or 3-hour time slots each week to their career without expecting to be remunerated for their labor. When I go to the gas station they never say “you don’t have to pay because you do ministry.”   Like everyone else, we have to pay for our housing, utilities, groceries and everything else.  As a full time minister people don’t really “pay me.”  They support me, making it possible for me to work at the ministry full time, and I am grateful for that.

I resisted the idea of being paid for ministry for years.  When my wife and I joined the International Society of Deliverance Ministers, then led by Peter and Doris Wagner, they both encourage deliverance ministers to charge for their ministry, just like doctors, counselors, and lawn-care people do.  Soon, we had so many people coming for appointments that it took away from the time we have to do pastoral ministry and our salary soon reflected that our deliverance ministry was increasing while our pastoral ministry was decreasing.

One of my highest goals is equipping and certifying deliverance ministers so every local church can have their own deliverance minister who can minister deliverance with little or no charge.  That is a huge part of our motivation for every Free Indeed Seminar we co and the Deliverance Ministers Equipping and Certification Program.

Why do we need anything more than salvation and discipleship?

Salvation is the entrance to the Kingdom of God.  Too many people remain in the foyer of the Kingdom and do not move beyond spiritual infancy.  True discipleship teaches people to healthy in every area including spiritual warfare, relationships, emotions, and Kingdom Ministry.  Deliverance is part of the process of working out our salvation with fear and trembling.

Why do you have people blow, cough or yawn out demons?

The Bible says “resist the devil and he will flee.”  If we do not resist the devil and his demons, they are happy to remain.  When we resist by faith, however, and engage in our deliverance, demons have to flee!

I learned to have people “cough out demons” from Derek Prince’s book They Shall Expel Demons, but there was one people group that I truly enjoy ministering with that always vomited out demons.  I asked many of their leaders why that was so but none of them could figure it out.  Finally, during a lunch break with Charles Kraft I asked him why it was so.  His answer was clear “because you let them!” He stated demons love manifesting in ways that take a person’s attention off from Christ and focuses it on the demons.  Since Chuck told me that I always tell people to cough or blow by faith in resisting demons and it really works well.

Interestingly, children yawn a lot when ministering deliverance to them.  I have noticed adults also yawn a lot when we minister deliverance from demons that attached to them at a young age.  When working with D.I.D. it is common to have young alters yawn out demons.

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